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Hidden In Plain Sight by fdg2020

Hidden In Plain Sight

by fdg2020

128 pages
In the realm of Christendom, believers in Christ are partaking in one form or another of a meal which is often called the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hidden in Plain Sight is written for your consideration but is not an exhaustive study about the importance of this holy meal.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
Hidden in Plain Sight is the author's attempt to encourage readers to take a closer look at what the Bible reveals about the New Testament covenant meal commonly called Holy Communion.

In the Christian faith there seem to be so many different interpretations about what this meal is really about. The author attempts to present what he has come to understand about this important Christian experience. Not through exhaustive study or as a doctrinal statement, but through his many years as a pastor and his study of the Word.



About the Author
Frederick Gorini is a loving husband and father, who along with his covenant wife of over four decades, founded Rock Church of Daytona Beach in Florida, where they continue to serve the congregation after thirty years of full-time ministry.



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