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JUVENILE X by The Brothers Rodemeyer


by The Brothers Rodemeyer

258 pages
I am not a serial killer. Some are called to preach and some are called to act, so I donít apologize for what Iíve done or anything I will do. I am Godís hitman. This is my blessing or my curse. It really just depends on what side of my knife youíre standing. So to those too blind to see, I simply say, Youíre Welcome!

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Fairy tales are real. Everything else is the lie.

Once history, now myth, the legend of the boy king has passed from fact into storybook fable.

Cynics confirmed a descent into madness.

Believers hailed an ascent to enlightenment.

Everyone else was too busy texting to notice.

Whichever the case, fact or fantasy, the tale most often told is the furthest from truth. All that can be agreed upon is this...

David was born to kill.

Under a sky gone black as sackcloth, poets wailed soliloquies while the Emerald City burned. Pursued by evil forces, a misunderstood serial killer stalks Seattleís rain-swept streets taking vengeance against ďMonstersĒ who prey upon innocent children. Joined by a psychotic femme fatale from his troubled past, the two star-crossed lovers must evade capture and complete their Divine mission while coming of age in a rapidly evolving world.

Crazy is a funny word. It explains so much so easilyÖ



About the Author
The Brothers Rodemeyer The Brothers Rodemeyer took the road less traveled and got hopelessly lost in the woods. Bill and Ted havenít made it home yet, but if you ever find yourself lost on a long lonely road, wondering how life landed you so far from your dreams, look for our treehouse. You have friends here.



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