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Bankruptcy - We Wrote the Book on It by Attorney Ronald C. Sykstus

Bankruptcy - We Wrote the Book on It

by Attorney Ronald C. Sykstus

163 pages
If you are overwhelmed with debt and worried about collection harassment and/or losing your home or vehicle or if you are being sued and your wages garnished, then this book is for you. Learn about all of your bankruptcy options and the specific questions and issues that are most concerning to you. This book is a great first step to help you.

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About the Book
Bankruptcy – We Wrote the Book on It
(The Real Story and Concerns People Have Based Upon Thousands of Cases our Lawyers Have Handled)

This book was written by attorney Ronald C Sykstus and the Bond and Botes team of lawyers who have over 150 years of collective bankruptcy experience. With offices currently located in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, the Bond and Botes team of lawyers have filed and successfully completed thousands and thousands of bankruptcy cases for their clients. Bankruptcy law is a complex and nuanced field of law that covers and overlaps with a lot of other legal areas. This book is an easy to read, common sense approach to bankruptcy and it attempts to answer the common questions and concerns of everyday people who find themselves struggling and overwhelmed by debt. This book addresses the issues that people have as it relates to credit, divorce, student loans, tax debt, lawsuits and collection harassment, among other topics. When people are unfortunately facing unsurmountable debt, they usually have two or three major areas of concern as it relates to their debts and their future. This book will undoubtedly address all of the concerns that people have and it will do so in a way that will make sense and be understandable.


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About the Author
Ron Sykstus is an attorney who practices in the areas of consumer bankruptcy, security clearance law, VA disability and consumer law. His law offices are located in Huntsville, Decatur, Florence, Cullman, Haleyville, Gadsden and Anniston, Alabama. He can be reached at



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