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Strange Karma by Willow Healy

Strange Karma

by Willow Healy

368 pages
At 22,000 feet in the Himalayas, a killer stalks. When an amateur climber inherits a cottage, she uncovers an ancient mystery involving her great grandfather’s Mt. Everest expedition. She learns, to her peril, that some inheritances trigger a deadly avalanche of events that reverberate through time...

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
2nd in Romance Writers of America Kiss of Death's Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense!

Strange Karma, is a mystery/ thriller set in two eras: 1920s England and Tibet, and the present-day Himalayan mountains.

Mountain climber Cynthia Graham learns, to her peril, that some inheritances can trigger a deadly avalanche of events that reverberate through time. She finds, in her deceased grandmother’s desk, a secret compartment with a red diamond, the world’s rarest gem, along with a batch of her great grandfather, Andrew Irvine’s, 1924 Mount Everest expedition letters, which tell of a homicidal Sherpa, a murdered Buddhist monk, and the existence of a missing twin to her red diamond. Intrigued, she travels to Nepal and, guided by ex-Gurkha soldier Dorje, attempts to solve the mystery. But, when multiple attempts are made on her life, she realizes that some secrets should remain forever buried...


"The quality of the prose is strong throughout, with the depiction of the frozen wasteland of the Mimalayas being particularly effective."
- Kirkus Reviews



About the Author
Willow Healy Willow Healy has lived, traveled and worked all over the world. She uses her experiences, and adventures in Japan, Nepal, Tibet, Lesotho, Germany, and Canada as a source of inspiration to write novels set in exotic locales and populated with memorable characters.



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