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51 Shades of Online Dating: A Guide for People Over 50 by Sandra Lindberg

51 Shades of Online Dating: A Guide for People Over 50

by Sandra Lindberg

198 pages
This is a must-have guide for people over 50 who are interested in online dating. It’s written from a woman’s perspective using real-life experiences, lessons learned, and humor to help you navigate the world of cyber dating. You will learn how to write an effective profile, post impressive pictures, detect scams, and much more.

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About the Book
Over 50 and searching for your life partner? This book is written from a woman’s perspective for those thinking about or who are using the Internet in search of love. The author uses humor and insight by using her true life experiences and lessons learned; she lived the information in 51 Shades of Online Dating. The author’s stories are funny, sad, baffling, moving, shocking, uplifting, and sometimes scary.

The author offers guidance when writing your profile, posting photos, and when messaging potential and not-so-potential partners. Can you separate the wheat from the chaff or spot a scam? Are there other ways to meet someone you haven’t even thought about? This book will answer these and many more question you have. Help make your story a successful one, even if Mr. or Ms. Right is hard to find. The author wants to help you stay optimistic, safe, and informed when navigating cyberspace by learning from her experiences and research.


“Sandy has written a very informative book! As a recent widow, if I decide to try online dating, her book will definitely help me. I loved her stories and lessons learned because they made her book more real and authentic.”
- Barb Murray
“Sandra creates a delightful and informative read. It’s filled with real-life dating experiences (from her life and others), as well as surveys, studies, statistics, warnings, and pertinent advice, all tailored to daters over 50. It’s all designed to help readers achieve a safer, better dating experience.”
- David Aretha
“Loved the book. Well written, funny, informative and couldn’t put it down."
- Virginia W
"Best part of the book is your stories. Nice work! Couldn't put it down last night."
- Ken S
“Awesome read. Couldn't put it down. Most impressed with all the information. Your background as a trainer certainly shines though. The information was presented in such a way that you had to gain knowledge, and with a laugh or two while you were. I will be using this one for gifts for a few friends."
- Virginia N
Loved the book! I really enjoyed it. Found it very informative, funny, and well written.
- Carolyn O.



About the Author
Sandra Lindberg Ms. Lindberg is a retired business owner and corporate trainer. She has over 12 years experience with online dating and her experiences ran the spectrum, as her true experiences and lessons learned will tell. Ms Lindberg is in the over 50 crowd along with being a mother and grandmother.



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