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MEDIAEVIL by J. J. Stein


by J. J. Stein

416 pages
A dystopian satire set in the near future where “the worst returns to laughter.”

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Category: Fiction:Dark Comedy
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About the Book
The prophecy of the Tower of Babel has come to pass. Erected not of stone but of memes and bytes. The heaven it reached for liberated the hell of human discourse and disruption until the wrathful gods of code hacked it to pieces. What remains are compounds and campuses fortifying for survival among decomposing nations. Here at Braverton University a disparate assembly of unorthodox scholars, techno wizards, special students and determined survivalists, engage in surreal efforts to prevent the intersection of human psychology, persisting mythologies and disorienting media from cycling humankind back to a new Dark Ages. Come audit outlandish Professor Strindberg’s famed course, “Original Sin, the Media and Inevitable Evil” for the purposes of distinguishing demonic behavior from intractable stupidity. Follow his disaffected protégé, Professor Genia Thane and her special projects students, staging yet another covert prison experiment to prove humans can overcome their darker impulses. Delve into disturbing agendas of salvation by disentangling personal stories from the historical circumstances that produced them. There you’ll find mystery generated, absurdity exposed and solutions sought from the structures of memorable masterworks. Come to Braverton University, a bastion of intrigue barricading in the wilderness.


Mediaevil is a mind-bending trip that never stops moving. Its idiosyncratic cast of characters take us on a wild and cinematic ride through astonishing renditions of history, leaving us at the precipice of a crumbling world wondering where and how to jump.
- James K.Trigg IV, Presentation Artist, Shadowcatcher Media Services
Mediaevil challenges us to a suspenseful and serious search for the secret of sin in the human psyche. The college setting ingeniously allows Stein to adduce philosophy, literature, film, and science in the quest. Be prepared for surprises.
- Anthony Tyler, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus


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About the Author
Author of Life, Myth and the American Family Unreeling, Keeper of the Planet and Gentlemen of Decision, Stein has been a motion picture production executive in Hollywood and founding faculty member of the Watkins College Film School. He also taught at Vanderbilt, TSU and MTSU Governor’s School for the Arts.



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