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The Beautiful Death by Quinn Fernandez

The Beautiful Death

by Quinn Fernandez

228 pages
Savannah has always been a mysterious and magical place. But recent events have brought its seedy underbelly into focus. A secret death cult has captured Patrick's undivided attention; a lot was on the line; his marriage and his health were hanging in the balance, and he was running out of time to expose the ugliness behind the Beautiful Death.

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Category: Fiction:Paranormal
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About the Book
The town hasn't been the same since their arrival.

Hard-drinking and fun-loving Savannah, Georgia has always had its share of the wacky and the mysterious. From greedy pirates and quirky psychics to Gullah root doctors and avid ghost hunters, Savannah is a veritable treasure trove of mysterious wisteria, but this is a new level of strange.

All around town, rumors are flying. Some wanna-be Messiah has set up shop in the Historic District, and his disciples are anything but humble. Word has it that growing numbers of Savannah's neer do wells and underachievers are going off, two by two, to attend his mysterious, private retreats. When they reappear, they stride boldly back onto the Savannah social scene, looking and acting as though they've just leaped from the coals of a Tony Robbins firewalk.

Brimming with confidence and glowing health, and sporting a bizarre-looking Death's Head tattoo, these bold new apostles of what they are calling "The Beautiful Death" are spreading their ancient and magical message throughout Savannah and into the surrounding Low Country.

While this new ideology is spreading like wildfire, some will use this power for good, and others, close to their new messiah, are prepared to use it for more nefarious purposes.

Patrick, a popular social blogger, recently arrived from Denver, naturally senses a story.

Driven by a sinister secret, he strives to discover the mystery behind the Beautiful Death, and with it, the source of his startling metamorphosis, no matter what the cost.

But can he find the answers before descending headlong into madness?



About the Author
Quinn and his wife, Christine, are tucked away in West Virginia with their two feline cohorts, Rowan and Missy. Together they occupy the heartland famously frequented by the legendary Mothman, the elusive Bigfoot, and the visionary giant, Richard Rose.



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