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Waking Up In Asia by Kim M. Hood

Waking Up In Asia

by Kim M. Hood

205 pages
Have you ever heard or watched a bird fly straight into a window pane and immediately hit the ground with a thud? Instincts were shattered by a force it didn't know existed. It's a rarity to get back up after such a major blow. Waking Up In Asia shows how the will to get up and fly again with clearer sight is most definitely possible.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
In Waking Up In Asia, Kim M. Hood shares stories of both conflict and success with boldness, but does it in a poignant way. A military veteran whose life started from small town southern beginnings, to being forced to move up north because of divorced parents as a pre-teen, and thrust back down south after years of teenage angst. Compartmentalized bumps and bruises didn't stop the fulfillment of all high school goals, with a well respected U.S. Army career and Postal Job which followed, making everything in life easy and obtainable, that was until the unthinkable happened.

Even people who don't go looking for trouble can have it find a way to their doorstep. It found Kim's. She traverses settings easily, so the readers feel and understand the why then and what now.



About the Author
Kim M. Hood Kim M. Hood is a military veteran with an insightful past full of life experiences too incredible to not share. After surviving a stint in a foreign prison in the 90's, putting personal imperfections aside, a passion for helping other people and being a thought leader shines through in her memoir.

Kim's life has been chronicled in a documentary film from the Locked Up Abroad television series program.



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