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Dreaming on Paper by E. G. Muesch Sr.

Dreaming on Paper

by E. G. Muesch Sr.

361 pages
Dreaming on Paper chronicles the life of a Cuban author mentored by Hemingway and later jailed as a dissident. He struggles to find his missing manuscript while his family faces a criminal underworld intent on acquiring the valuable pages reported to be stashed in one of Hemingway's homes. Will his family lose everything including their lives?

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
DREAMING on PAPER chronicles the life of a Cuban a author mentored by Ernest Hemingway. Mendo is jailed as a dissident, and thereafter struggles for decades to find the manuscript he wrote after witnessing the Bay of Pigs invasion. Mendo’s family faces a criminal underworld intent on acquiring the valuable pages, now reported to be stashed in one of a Hemingway’s homes. As the mystery unfolds will the family loose everything—including their lives—or find their treasure?


"E. G. Muesch's novel Dreaming on Paper is a paean (joyous song of praise) to Papa Hemingway and a love letter to Cuba. The dialogue is realistic, and the narrative has an easy flow. Muesch's narrative offers an unusual subject and delivers many rewards..." Blueink Review
- The editor's name wasn't provided
"Muesch charts the changing tides of belief and politics, reflecting both the promise and force of Castro's revolution and its effect on individuals, families, and an entire nation. . . .Dreaming on Paper contrasts very different approaches to a social and political experiment that changes lives on many levels. . . .In doing so, Muesch creates a literary reflection that lingers in the mind long after Mendo reconciles his experience with his obsession with Hemingway's political and literary prowess with the choices he's made in life because of this." Midwest Book Review
- D. Donavan, Sr. Reviewer
"With its tantalizing glimpses of life in Cuba that incorporates important aspects of modern Cuban history, including the Bay of Pigs invasion and Ernest Hemingway's affinity for the island, the narrative is grounded in reality. Historical events affect Mendo's life in far-reaching, intriguing ways. Set in Cuba, the historical novel Dreaming on Paper concerns the allure and the power of writing." Forward Reviews
- Eileen Gonzalez



About the Author
E. G. Muesch Sr. E. G. Muesch grew up in southern Arizona. He's been a Director of Engineering for a Fortune 500 company, a sailing circumnavigator, and seven-time author. He draws upon his experiences during years of living abroad, and his circumnavigation of the world and its diverse cultures. Ed presently lives with his wife Helen in the Blue Ridge Mountains where they enjoy exploring the many horse trails.



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