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Princess Aila and the Unicorns: Book 1 by Bill Jameson

Princess Aila and the Unicorns: Book 1

by Bill Jameson

24 pages
Born in Scotland during the magical age of unicorns, Princess Aila is blessed with the ability to communicate with many animals. She discovers an enchanted forest full of unicorns and must risk her life to save an alicorn. All ages will love this heartwarming tale filled with friendship, trust, bravery and love.

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Category: Children
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About the Book
Princess Aila (Eye-la) is the first princess of Scotland. This 10-year-old princess has a special gift. She has the ability to communicate with animals. She lives in the age of the unicorn and longs for the day that she can go off into the forest and meet these magical creatures. Her father, King Fergus, would never let her venture into the forest alone. But an opportunity presents itself when King Fergus must travel to another kingdom. Aila has a month to find unicorns and learn to speak their language. This is an enchanting tale full of excitement, bravery, and love. Princess Aila finds herself in a very difficult situation. She must risk her own life and make choices that test the strength of her character.

This is the first of what will be a 3 book series. The book includes color illustrations and is specifically written for ages 9-12.


Bill Jameson is a brilliant storyteller and now author. Princess Aila and the Unicorns is a magical story that holds both kids and adults spellbound. We all need a little magic in our lives and Aila and the Unicorns offer that. A great gift for kiddies and grandkids.
- Phyllis Reardon
A magical and captivating story with something for everyone. Whether youíre a little girl, a little boy, a grandmother or grandfather, this story is for you! Makes a great gift. Looking forward to the next book!
- Sister Christian
One of a kind book. My kids love it and ask me to read it almost every night!
- Simon
Bill Jameson is a magical and captivating storyteller with something for everyone. Mr. J was able to engage our kindergarten audience as well as our upper elementary students. We are honored to have had him visit. Looking forward to Mr. Jís next book!
- Cathy Ried (Teacher)
Mr. Jamesonís ability to improvise and dramatize as a storyteller will captivate all learners from the youngest to the oldest. With his humor and wit, he very comfortably engages both Primary and Elementary aged students.
- Roger Green (Principal)



About the Author
Bill Jameson Bill Jameson has been telling stories for over 40 years and has delighted thousands of students with his many tales of enchantment. The story of Princess Aila and the Unicorns was told to him by a visitor in a dream. He was compelled to put the story in book form so that it could be shared with a wider audience. He travels between his home in Newfoundland Canada and his home in Florida. You can get in touch with him and follow his work at



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