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God is Everywhere - Even in Nursery Rhymes! by James F. Malerba

God is Everywhere - Even in Nursery Rhymes!

by James F. Malerba

164 pages
"God is Everywhere - Even in Nursery Rhymes!" can be enjoyed by children for the rhymes themselves, and by adults, by reading the commentaries after each rhyme that demonstrate how God is in the rhymes.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Nursery rhymes have been read to young children for centuries, and as adults, those same children have later passed them along to their own little ones. They are an important part of our life for their simplicity and joy of learning.

This book, "God is Everywhere - Even In Nursery Rhymes!", takes a different approach, in that all rhymes are followed by commentaries that delve into how God's presence can be seen in each one. Thus, children can enjoy having the rhymes read to them, and adults can see the underlying meanings in each rhymes presented that demonstrate God's presence.

Extensive research in the Bible and several other sources resulted in the detailed comments following every rhyme. All biblical references are stated within each commentary, so the adult reader can go to those passages and see the direct connection between them and the words in the nursery rhymes.

At the end of the work, there are extensive references to ashes and blindness, two themes recurring in some of the rhymes.

This book is intended for both children's enjoyment and enhancement of adult's spiritual knowledge and is presented in everyday language for both audiences.


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About the Author
James F. Malerba is a writer and editor living in southern Connecticut. He holds a master's degree in Religion from Yale University Divinity School, with a concentration in New Testament Studies. Jim and his late wife, Dorothy, raised two children, who are now each raising two children of their own.



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