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Divinity in Deviance: Investigations of a Sexual Savant by Dai Bach

Divinity in Deviance: Investigations of a Sexual Savant

by Dai Bach

80 pages
Can one find God in kinky behavior? That the extreme polarity of such a notion arrive at a conclusion so disparate might not be as far-fetched as one might suspect. It certainly worked for me.

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Category: Sexuality
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About the Book
This book deals with the fact that if we are lost in our lust for all things sexual then we might also be able to find ourselves in the process.

Taking a lighthearted approach to tackle this profound question does not mean that everyone will find it funny. Indeed, by combining the very subject matter of how we can know ourselves either by the validity or limits of behavior requires a psychological confrontation that can be quite unpalatable to the easily offended.

Most of us hold a firm belief that we have a special relationship with God yet struggle with our own improprieties while trying to live the perfect life. As such we justify deviant thought and action as a temporary glitch to be easily explained away by virtue of Nature.

How we deal with reckless thoughts can be devastating to say the least. As we beat ourselves up and ask for forgiveness it must occur to us that perhaps choice and destiny collide into a colossal failure in faith otherwise beyond our control.

Don't worry about it, that's where I come in.

While advocating constraint as we experience our God given existence, the purpose of this project is to alleviate our regret by simply letting it all hang out.

Considering that sex is fun and God is good you might find this book to be a perfect combination of good fun.



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About the Author
Dai Bach is a Metaphysician whose lifelong search for the meaning of life has placed him in often precarious circumstances and often at odds with the rest of the world. His conclusion is that if you are trying to find yourself in the mix of things then simply look at the physical world in all its literal as well as symbolic manifestation.



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