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DECEPTION by Roxanne von Andrian


by Roxanne von Andrian

276 pages
Inspired by true events, DECEPTION follows a team of European operatives and a female CIA agent, Ingrid, from diverting money out of the Miklos Fund’s educational programs, to stealing enriched plutonium from the Russia-owned military base of Crimea’s Sebastopol, with the purpose to kill an ex-KGB officer in London by poisoning him.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Little did I know, when asking Langley to get me deployed to Romania after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that I’ll be drawn into plotting and executing the most deceptive international revenge within recent history against the much feared, evil, criminal organization - the KGB.

From Bucharest to Budapest, Paris, Avignon, Monaco, London, Crimea’s Sebastopol, Chisinau of Moldova, and the United States, this thriller is woven with real history, spies, assassins, a tint of fiction and a happenstance of romance.

Four men, under Ceausescu’s communist regime in Romania, had powerful roles in the political apparatchik. After the ‘89 Revolution, they met again, as members of the Miklos Fund Board, in Bucharest, Romania. Miklos was an American multi-millionaire born in Transylvania who opened the Miklos Fund with the scope of financing Romanians to find their way in a civil society.

These men, Oscar, Ferencz, Adi, and Cornel, teamed up with me, Ingrid, a CIA agent. We diverted money from the Miklos Fund’s educational programs to finance the theft of enriched plutonium from the Russia-owned military base of Crimea’s Sebastopol, with collaboration from other ex-communist Ukrainian and Moldavian agents turned rogue.

We acted under the guidance of a French squad of operatives who, with help from Italian assassins, plotted to kill an ex-KGB officer in London by poisoning him with plutonium. The twist was to make the assassination appear to be ordered and executed by the Russian FSB, the successor of the KGB.



About the Author
Although writing fiction is her first love, Roxanne von Andrian has a Ph.D. in engineering. She’s an inventor with three patents. Roxanne served as an executive for high-level operations in the industrial sector. Roxanne is married, has two adult boys she’s proud of, and lives in Syracuse, NY.



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