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Morgan's Redemption by Ann McAllister Clark

Morgan's Redemption

by Ann McAllister Clark

296 pages
The Morgan brothers settled Morgan's Bridge, Michigan in 1848. Amanda Stimpson arrives in Morgan's Bridge from Chicago in the 1990's to discover her secretly kept background.

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Category: Fiction:Sagas
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About the Book
Opening a used bookstore, newly arrived Amanda Stimpson begins her quest to discover the answers to the mysteries of her name and ancestry.

The stories she is told are fascinating, heartwarming, mysterious and shocking.

The characters in the village are varied in bravery, loyalty, kindness, prejudices, cruelty and finally, REDEMPTION.

She discovers the secret as to why she is called MacIntosh Moon.

The little West Michigan town yields one surprise after another as Amanda finally finds her true roots.


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About the Author
A graduate with a BA in Education from charming Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Ann McAllister Clark, author of the award-winning novel, A Bone in Her Teeth: A St. Augustine Mystery is a teacher, journalist, and former used bookstore owner. She now lives and writes in a small cottage in the Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida.



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