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Reflections of Godís Provision from Genesis: Provision for the Journey - Deepen Trust in Godís Provision by Dr. Ronald E. Bell II

Reflections of Godís Provision from Genesis: Provision for the Journey - Deepen Trust in Godís Provision

by Dr. Ronald E. Bell II

136 pages
This book walks readers through the beginning verses of the book Genesis in the Bible to explore Godís character as it relates to His provision in our lives while using personal experiences, reflection, and prayer.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
This book represents a culmination of the authorís thoughts and prayers, while seeking Godís provision and purpose in life. As an engineer, he has sought for structure, order and purpose in life. As a pastor, he has counseled and served others. As a servant of God, he has personally journeyed through many challenges and situations throughout life. This transparent, candid perspective and expression of lifeís financial defeats and triumphs will both challenge and encourage readers. The structure of each entry is fueled from a word phrase from Genesis, with an introductory connection to the topic, a reflective thought, and then a personal account of how the author has seen God work in his life. Each entry concludes with encouragement, prayer, next steps, and a connected scripture for further reflection.


Dr. Bell walks readers through God's word in Genesis and explores the meaning and purpose of each word choice. He shares personal experiences that are relatable and allows the reader to deepen the impact of their own self-reflection. Best of all Dr. Bell simplifies the passages so a full understanding is obtained, and provides encouragement through the darkest instances of confusion, frustration and financial disparity.
- Dr. Ariel Taylor
ďReflections of Godís Provision from Genesis...Ē shares real-life examples of how God has provided for Bell and his family over the course of his lifetime. Youíll be reminded of Godís promises and will be encouraged to seek Godís Word for yourself when it comes to your finances. This devotional serves as a guide with actionable next steps as you align your thinking with Godís.
- Stacye Thrasher Brim
Take a moment, put your thinking cap on and be courageous to enter the journey that this book will take you on.
- Bishop Lawrence A. Wilkerson


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About the Author
Dr. Ronald E. Bell II Dr. Bell has served as a Pastor for 12 years and outreach ministry leader for over 20 years. He has an earned Ph.D. in Engineering and is a leader in STEM education. Over the many ups and downs, God has always been sovereign, faithful and to be trusted.



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