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Arise and Go: Serving the Lord with Gladness – A Journey in Developing a Heart for Outreach by Dr. Ronald E. Bell II

Arise and Go: Serving the Lord with Gladness – A Journey in Developing a Heart for Outreach

by Dr. Ronald E. Bell II

178 pages
Arise and Go challenges and encourages the reader to open their eyes to how God can use each of us in everyday life. The heart and life of the author is expressed throughout the book via personal accounts and next steps in growing your relationship with God, serving others, and gladly serving God daily.

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About the Book
In Acts 9:6, after Saul’s conversion to Paul, God told him to arise and go into the city. God continues to speak those same words to all of us. Once we know Him, we are to “arise and go” for Him and to serve Him with Gladness (Psalm 100:2), in His Power and for His Glory. This book will encourage, ignite, and help you develop a heart for outreach. In a devotional-type layout, the encouragement takes the form of applying a Godly perspective to a topic from Psalms 100 and sharing a testimony and a principle from the author’s life. The encouragement continues with applicable help including a model prayer, a scripture for reflection, and suggested next steps. The purpose and heart of the chapters are to fuel your desire to seek God on how to serve Him and others, encourage you in your growth in God, and ignite you to “arise and go”.


I found Arise and Go to be a great read to challenge me to open my eyes and to see how God can use me and our congregation all around us. What I love about this read is I know Ronald's heart and life of compassion and service and it is evident in Arise and Go. You will be encouraged and challenged to make a Kingdom difference everyday.
- Mark Westerfield, Senior Pastor
Pastor Bell masterfully guided the reader into not just who God is, but also how He wants to be connected to every area of our lives by providing ample testimonies of how there is nothing in our lives too small or big for the Lord. After each chapter, you are left with not only more instruction but also with how to apply the information you have received into growing your relationship with God by walking by faith. You get to see real life encounters with how God is faithful, merciful, loving and always on time! Pastor Bell encourages, edifies and walks out the faith-walk of the Christian believer to give you what you need to grow your relationship with God.
- Elyse Kelly
Dr. Bell demonstrates how these themes of worship, outreach (service/missions), knowledge and faith work together in Arise and Go. Dr. John Piper famously proclaims, “missions exist because worship does not”; the converse is also true, missions and outreach exist where worship is present. This devotional based on Psalm 100 will focus your heart on the worship of God, which must overflow to others. The nature of worship is corporate and congregational: it involves community and spills over from individual hearts to neighbors, from family homes to neighborhoods, and from local churches to communities. My prayer is that through this book your heart may be moved to worship God, and then go with thankfulness to call others join in worshiping Him as well.
- Reverend Chris Fisher


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About the Author
Dr. Ronald E. Bell II Dr. Bell has founded, lead and served numerous outreach ministries locally and abroad for more than 25 years. Dr. Bell currently serves as an associate pastor at Agape Christian Ministries. He has recently served as a police chaplain and board member of Young Life and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.



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