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Creatures of Darkness and Assorted Naughtiness: A Love Story by Joshua Olsen

Creatures of Darkness and Assorted Naughtiness: A Love Story

by Joshua Olsen

357 pages
Is it true love for Kayin Frost, a wandering mercenary with a secret, and Figgy, a recently-unemployed succubus with skin as blue as her verbiage? It could be, and as we all know, no love story is complete without zombies, dragons, shenanigans, and saving the world.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Not many men meet the love of their life by falling (in a totally heroic fashion) through a roof and interrupting the ritualistic weirdness of an evil wizard. Well, Kayin Frost, mercenary adventurer and daring doofus (who has an extraordinary secret) did. Even fewer men meet the love of their life and discover she’s a demon. Well, technically, Iphigenia (‘Figgy’ for short) is a goofy, a blue-skinned, pants-hating succubus who adores potatoes as much as she fears radishes. Don’t ask about the radishes. She won’t say.

Recently booted from the underworld because she sucked at being evil and, well, for peeing in the coffee of a devil (hey, he was mean to her), Figgy has also been temporarily stripped of her powers and her ability to have sex without ripping out her partner’s soul in the process. For the cerulean succubus and Kayin, her newfound Cuddle Monkey, for whom it was love at first cackling wizard, it understandably sucks. Like, more than a little.

In their epic quest for answers (also for nakedness and potatoes), the pair’s love deepens, though their playtime is invariably followed by shenanigans (like that goblin ambush, or the zombies, or finding a lost city, or being sought by a doomsday cult). They also have to save the world. There’s that part. But not before Kayin reveals his secret...

As dragons and armies do battle, a radish will arise…



About the Author
A Nerd, indeed, for all seasons, Joshua is a movie buff, avid gamer, lover of writing, and personal trainer (so, more of the "buff" thing). He resides in Oregon.



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