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The Little Thomas Adventures by Lee Shelton

The Little Thomas Adventures

by Lee Shelton

317 pages
The adventures of a reluctant wizard\'s apprentice -- a magical treat!

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
About the Book
The dragons believe that Little Thomas is destined to become an extraordinary wizard. But his teacher wonders, and even Little Thomas has his doubts. Against dark magicians, monsters, and his own misadventures, can he survive long enough to understand and master his elusive new abilities?

Ten year old Little Thomas, son of the kingdom's most honored knight, was too timid for his own good, or so the king believed. To test his bravery, he is sent on a quest to recover the sword of his fallen father. But, on the way he chances to meet a most extraordinary old wizard. And so begins the adventure of a lifetime for the boy, a journey that will take him from the dank, frigid bogs in the north to the dragon hatcheries far out to sea in the south. From the elves and fairies in the east, to the gruesome ogres of the west, where a young boy is considered a tasty delicacy.

This is the story of Little Thomas' first year of apprenticeship to the wizard Jasper. Bullied for years by the wicked Prince Richard, Little Thomas has come to dislike and distrust those who wield power for their own gain. Now he has discovered that he possesses a power more awesome than any he has ever imagined. But it is a power that requires him to rip apart the essence of a thing and force it into a new pattern of his own choosing -- for that's the way of wizard magic. It is a power that, in its using, would make him the worst of tyrants. So how could he bring himself to wield this wizard magic, even to save his life?

And save his life, he must! The wizard Madran, driven mad in his quest to control the dark forces of magic, has revealed an insane hatred for Little Thomas. He seems willing to do anything to steal the boy's magic away. And even though Jasper might be the most powerful wizard alive, he can't protect his young apprentice all the time -- especially when Little Thomas seems to attract calamity.

More than just an exciting adventure, this delightful story is a young man's journey of discovery. About accepting responsibility and overcoming self-doubt. About love and hate, friendship and forgiveness. Learning to trust oneself, and trusting others. And about birth and death, and the important lessons that we need to learn in between. This is a classic tale of good versus evil. But as Jasper frequently reminds Little Thomas, good and evil often depend on your point of view. So, expect some surprises!



About the Author
Lee Shelton Consultant, college instructor, Coast Guard officer, business executive, salvage diver, yoga teacher, and tall ship master. Lee Shelton brings a lifetime of adventure, exploration, and adversity to his writing. This is Lee's first fantasy novel. He resides and writes full time in California with his wife and four sons.



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