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Paula Pelican:  Life on the Lagoon by Donna Good Higbee

Paula Pelican: Life on the Lagoon

by Donna Good Higbee

92 pages
There is only one thing Paula Pelican loves more than flying, and that's helping others. Whether it's a drowning sailor, a forest fire, or a hungry village, each day is full of excitement as Paula enlists the help of her forest friends to prove that life can be an amazing adventure. Ms. Higbee writes about the importance of helping others in need.

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About the Book
This is a story of a pelican who starts out like any pelican learning to fly and dive and catch fish. She is told that this is what pelicans do their whole life long but she is restless and unfulfilled. Then one day she sees a chance to save some little ducklings from drowning in a terrible storm and rough water ... and she has found her calling. From then on, when she sees an opportunity to help out where help is desperately needed, she doesn't hesitate to do what she can. Sometimes this means acting on her own but often it means taking a leadership role and asking other animals and birds to help her with a problem. She has to think things through and be innovative to come up with ways to help, sometimes very unique ways. She is a role model for young people who are surrounded these days by peer pressure and sometimes bullying. Young people need to learn to be aware of others' feelings and needs, not live in a self-centered world.

Paula finds many opportunities to be of help, and in doing so learns more about her own capabilities. She is motivated by the desire to help eliminate distress and pain from those who come into her path of awareness. Paula grows into a confident and kind pelican, one who learns to make choices, as she does when she is looking for a mate.

Throughout all the adventures in each chapter, Paula encounters diverse challenges and opportunities, which expand her outlook on the world and give her the wonderful feeling of pride in herself. This book will teach, inspire and entertain young readers.


PAULA PELICAN: LIFE ON THE LAGOON gives sweet, lovely stories which provide marvelous examples of thoughtful, caring behavior, and sensitivity to the environment and to other beings. Paula's ingenuity and fast reactions to others' needs can inspire young readers to be aware of others around them and to feel satisfaction in helping others. BRAVO for this wonderful book!
- Barbara Lamb, author
Paula Pelican is a charming fable that comes with a pleasant bonus for it's young readers. The engaging adventures of Paula and her animal friends contain valuable life lessons about being helpful and caring for others.
- Raymond O'Connor, author



About the Author
Donna Good Higbee Donna Good Higbee has written more than ten research articles and has been published in eleven countries around the world. She is listed in Marquis Who's Who of American Women, and graduated with highest honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in religious studies.



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