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REALIZE YOUR WRITING DREAMS: Actionable Tips on Writing, Publishing and Marketing by Doreen McGettigan

REALIZE YOUR WRITING DREAMS: Actionable Tips on Writing, Publishing and Marketing

by Doreen McGettigan

192 pages
If you've ever said, "I could write a book," you should read this one! Everything you need to know about writing, publishing and marketing a book.

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About the Book
Becoming a published author is no easy task. Overcoming the writing challenges, agent and publisher rejections and marketing failures can be excruciating.

It can often seem like an impossible dream, but those dreams can be realized!

Realize your Writing Dreams includes advice and actionable tips on all things writing, publishing and marketing books.

Section one includes everything you need to know before you start writing that book. It includes a dictionary on writing lingo such as what is a pantser and a list of genres. You’ll learn what a writer’s platform and a writer’s tribe is and how to successfully build them. This section also includes tips on formatting your manuscript, what is and how to create an outline, a literary proposal, your synopsis, and a logline.

Section two is all about the writing process and includes suggestions for writing believable characters, creating conflict and which point of view and tense is right for your book. This section also includes tips on finding the time to write as well as being more productive within that time frame.

Section three is all about publishing. Are you considering traditional publishing but having trouble finding an agent? Learn the pros and cons of each publishing choice and make the best decision for you and your book.

The fourth section is all about marketing. Whichever publishing route you choose you will be responsible for the marketing of your book. You will receive actionable tips on all things marketing including how to get the attention of the media for you and your book, promotions, advertising, how to handle bad book reviews when they happen and how to write a winning business and marketing plan for your book. This section also includes ideas on how to schedule and prepare for successful book signings and author events.

Sharing our words with readers can be difficult for writers. Gaining knowledge and being prepared are the best confidence boosters. Realize Your Writing Dreams will talk you through each step of the writing, publishing and marketing process giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to write past your insecurities.

Becoming a successful author has nothing to do with luck and everything to do perseverance, passion and preparation.

Realize Your Writing Dreams is a book that you will keep and refer to throughout your writing career.


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About the Author
As the President of Intrepid Marketing Inc., Doreen McGettigan consults and coaches on all things writing, publishing and marketing. She started her writing career as a feature’s writer and journalist for several Philadelphia area newspapers. She is a sought- after ghostwriter, speaker, a best-selling author and an award-winning blogger.



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