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More Than Homeless: A Story of Walking in Faith After Losing Everything by Kara Pendleton

More Than Homeless: A Story of Walking in Faith After Losing Everything

by Kara Pendleton

158 pages
Nothing in this life can't be lost or taken away in a split second. Kara Pendleton faced simultaneous devastating losses, but when she began walking by faith she found the courage and strength to rise above her circumstance and to help lift others along the way.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
There is nothing in this life that cannot be taken away in a heartbeat’s worth of time.

When the perfect storm of difficulties hit her and caused her to lose everything, author Kara Pendleton was left standing in the rubble of a life left in ruins.

Overcoming the mountain of challenges ahead of her in her journey to recover and get back on her feet seemed impossible. But opting to hold her head high and walk by faith rather than by sight made all the difference in the world.

Along the way she learned that:

* Homelessness is not what the public often believes it is.

* It’s far more difficult than it should be for the homeless to get help.

* There are hidden homeless people in her community and likely others, too.

* When you are at your lowest and weakest point, the predators swoop in to take advantage of you and those who should be your support system disappear.

* God is good. Prayers are heard and answered. And even in the darkest moments of life, there is hope.

When Kara “outed” her situation to her readers in her typical brutally honest and humorous fashion, she not only found a community of support but that her journey was
inspiring and lifting others.

Now advocating for the homeless, Kara hopes to raise awareness and help everyone facing challenges understand that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no
matter how long that tunnel may be.

Her core message is to just hold on. Better days will come.



About the Author
Kara Pendleton Previously having written as a ghostwriter and under the pen name Daniella Nicole, Kara Pendleton is the author of 8 books and contributing author to 2 more. The feisty, curvy, green-eyed brunette is 5’10” in her boots and an admitted news junkie.



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