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How to Open a Re$taurant and Keep it Open! by Tommy Bradburn

How to Open a Re$taurant and Keep it Open!

by Tommy Bradburn

146 pages
If you do not have the proper attitude in the restaurant business, YOU WILL FAIL! Tommy's book has helped thousands of current Re$taurant owners, and those thinking of opening a Re$taurant, make buckets of cash.

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About the Book
The Re$taurant business is a tough one, in fact, in the Re$taurant business, knowledge is King. Of all the important topics concerning your Re$taurant, your customer certainly is the most critical.

For instance it's important to understand that your customer does not have to eat at your location. They have many other choices. Also, while training your crew, teach them that their boss will always be each customer who comes through your doors. The customer has the power to fire everyone in the Re$taurant, including the manager/owner, simply by not returning.

Enthusiasm is a powerful and magical tool. A tool which is free to everyone and a tool which needs to be learned by everyone.

The most important areas for a new restaurant are location,menu pricing, enthusiasm, training, quality of food purchased, keeping your Re$taurant clean, controlling profits and learning how to build sales.

The most overlooked topic in the Re$taurant business is how the restaurant will effect you and your family. Once the restaurant opens, your entire world will change. Your focus will not be on your family now, it will be on your restaurant.

You will be tired all the time and seem distant to your family and friends. These are things you and your family must be aware of before you open. It's a very demanding business and in order to find true success, in the beginning, a person must get lost in their business, so to speak.

Having said that, the restaurant business can also be a very rewarding one as well. You will finally become your own boss. Once your crew is properly trained and your profits are strong, your restaurant will become a fun place to be.

There are lots of pluses and minuses here, make your choices wisely, but most of all, have a great career!


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About the Author
Mr. Bradburn has been in the restaurant business since 1962. He has also recorded a set of 4 CD's which have become a powerful learning tool. To order Tommy's CD's email him at



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