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My Bra's in My Briefcase by LuAnne Fantasia

My Bra's in My Briefcase

by LuAnne Fantasia

84 pages
This book is not influential writing. It won't place me on the list of one-book-wonders with Harper Lee and Margaret Mitchell. I didn't write it to dispense sage and timeless words, so don't take me too seriously. I wrote it from my heart, for my family and friends. I hope you laugh.

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
This book is about experiences that happen on your way to making plans. It is a humorous perspective on people, places and things that influenced and impacted the author's life; in which she chose to find the humor. She believes life is a wonderful opportunity, except for those moments that aren't wonderful. And, that's when you make lemonade from lemons. She's so practiced at it now, she finds humor in everything, which many people think is irreverent. No. It's cultivating and nurturing the small twinge of happiness. That's the root of this book.



About the Author
The author did strive to become sage in her later years but has now settled for quirky. She grew up embraced by the Great Smoky Mountains, and has lived and worked in many points on the globe, including two third-world countries. LuAnne has been a writer all of her adult life, but says she's grateful she had the good sense to keep her day job. Erma Bombeck and Paul Harvey are her mentors, and stay in the saddle is her mantra. With over 34 years as active duty and Army civilian, she is now retired and lives once again somewhere along the Appalachian Trail.



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