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Freeing Colt by Christy Lindsay

Freeing Colt

by Christy Lindsay

306 pages
After surviving a brutal beating, Colt frees himself from the prison his father built around him. Summoning the courage to run away, Colt begins a healing journey as he crosses paths with people whose guidance helps transform his life. As he pursues his dream of songwriting, he meets people who show Colt there are no coincidences.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
Colt Beretta awakens inside a prison his alcoholic, abusive father created--a corn crib on their dilapidated farm.

Determined to free himself from his life of fear, Colt escapes and begins a new life, a life of healing and transformation through therapy, friendship, music, and a relationship with Jesus that forever alters the course of his future.

Relationships with friends and a musical mentor shape Colt into a man whose kindness and musical talent inspire those around him to see God at work in all circumstances.



About the Author
Christy Lindsay Christy Lindsay has written professionally since 2007. Her work has appeared in Community News, where she writes a weekly column, in Blissfully Blended: 365 Devotional Readings for Stepmoms, Penned from the Heart, volumes 17-19, and on websites.



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