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DANGEROUS  SECRET by Susan I. Bodinet


by Susan I. Bodinet

416 pages
In the early 1900s in Russia, a Romanov relative to Tsar Nicholas II takes a young orphaned girl nine hundred miles south of St. Petersburg to a monastery to hide the painful secret that connects them.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In the early 20th century, during turbulent times in Russia, a sister-in-law to Tsar Nicholas II, takes a four-year-old girl from her terminally ill mother to live in a monastery and orphanage run by nuns, 900 miles south of St. Petersburg. The Romanov relative drastically changes her life to harbor the little girl's existence and the painful secret that binds them together.

Years later, the girl's ancestry is revealed to her. With her heritage and current events thrust upon her, the girl's once sheltered life is affected by the Great War, an idealistic young man, and the Russian Revolution.

The secret burden of her lineage ultimately puts her in personal danger.


Bodinet weaves historical details through a narrative that explores love, friendship, and the endurance of the human spirit. Dangerous Secret is a compelling story of an orphaned girl with a past she needs to keep secret to survive.
- April Martin, Author of "All About Ilyas"
Set during the Russian Revolution in the early 20th Century, Bodinet's story takes the reader into the dark secrets of the Romanovs, their demise, and the arrival of the new communist regime which threatens the life of Oranca and those trying to protect her.
- Nora Curran, Author of "A Tapestry of a Life"



About the Author
Born and raised in the Midwest, Susan Bodinet's career in design and marketing was established in Chicago. Now retired and living in southern California, Susan's love for historical fiction inspired her to write her first novel.



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