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Girl on the Ledge by Margo Sanchez

Girl on the Ledge

by Margo Sanchez

188 pages
Girl on a Ledge is a fiction novel about a sixteen year old girl who is bullied in school. She hates herself and believes she doesn't deserve to live. Her only way out is to run away with a boy she met online. On the day she waits for a ride to the airport her mother is abducted. Her life is about to change even more.

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About the Book
Sixteen year old Tori barely exists. She hates her mom and hates going to school. She has been bullied since grade school. Tori doesn't fit in her high school, she isn't like the rest of the girls with their short skirts and flirty tops. She hides herself behind baggy sweaters and tries her best to be invisible. Most of the time it doesn't work, the kids still bully her every chance they get.

Tori purges most of the food she eats to try and keep from gaining more weight. Her depression leads to binge eating foods she loves like ice cream and pizza. Her mother, a beautiful successful attorney, is constantly on Tori's back about her weight. Making her feel even worse about herself.

The text messages, twitter, online teenage chat sites, and emails sent to her get violent. Tori believes someone is watching her. Her only way out is to run away with a boy she met online. Her best friend Sarah doesn't want her to leave, but supports her decision.

On the day Tori waits for a ride to the airport her mother is abducted. Everything changes her family. Detectives, police are in their home asking her father, brother and herself many questions. They discover she was running away and they want to know why. Tori's father can't believe she would do that. She hurt him, and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

The bullying became worse at school until one day a new transfer arrives. Angie doesn't fit in, but she doesn't care. She's tough and street smart. Tori learns from watching her and they become friends. Angie knows how to defend herself.

Tori believes the police and detectives aren't doing enough to find her mother. Along with Matt, someone she likes more than a friend, Sarah and Angie they look for clues. They help the police find her mother.

The case takes a turn when the suspect is found and arrested. Tori can't believe when she finds out who it is. She feels betrayed by her friend Angie, the one who has helped her get through all of it. Tori's world falls apart.

When her mother is rescued and brought home she's not the same person. Tori does everything she can to help her. They become close because their roles have changed. Tori is the stronger one, and she'll do anything she can to bring her mother back to who she once was. A new understanding forms between them.

Tori is scared to return to school after everything that has happened. She knows the bullying won't stop. Maybe it never will. It's up to her. She knows that now.



About the Author
Margo Sanchez is also the author of Departure of Reason. She graduated from California State University of Fullerton with a degree in Sociology. She is native of California where she lives. She is currently working on a memoir and third novel.



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