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The Infinite Now: Where Freedom, Clarity, and Peace Await You by Maile Page

The Infinite Now: Where Freedom, Clarity, and Peace Await You

by Maile Page

379 pages
If energy is the core element of all living things, how can we deliberately harness it to enhance our health, wealth, and joy? The Infinite Now: Where Freedom, Clarity, And Peace Await You is the answer to that question. This book will help you optimize your most precious asset: your energy field.

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About the Book
What if, unbeknownst to you, you were not merely a bag of skin filled with bones and flesh, but an actual living energy antenna, capable of receiving, blocking, sending, and transforming energy?

What if energy was in unlimited supply, ever present within and all around us, and was the core element, the building block if you will, of literally everything in the Universe-from your cell phone to your fifty trillion body cells?

This imagined world, is not science fiction. It's our world right now, as you read this.

Most people live from the outside in: They work hard to achieve goals, and make money, so they can feel a certain way-safe, successful, fulfilled, peaceful.

This book reveals another faster way to achieve those results. Think of it as a short cut. Instead of trying to transform the external details of your life, you tend to the energy within. It's faster, longer lasting, and more effective.

Sharing simple explanations, easy to apply tools, and case studies from a twenty-plus year energy healing practice, The Infinite Now shows you how you can enhance and empower your greatest asset: You.



About the Author
Maile Page Maile (Miley) Page is a former attorney who studied energy medicine, when it resolved fifteen years of chronic shoulder pain without drugs or surgery.

For over thirteen years, she ran The Centre, a healing collective she founded. Watch for her next book, Diary Of An Ordinary Housewife.



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