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500 Ways To Live Better - On Less Money by Roy J. Primm

500 Ways To Live Better - On Less Money

by Roy J. Primm

151 pages
Learn insider secrets to living better on less money.

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
About the Book

The information in this book will gently encourage, prod, and motivate you on how to live better - on less money.

Would you like to learn over 500 ways to increase your income without getting another job, working more hours, or asking your stingy boss for a raise?

By simply following the suggestions in this book, you'll suddenly find extra money you never thought you had­ as if by magic. Sound good so far?

You'll discover the latest sales tactics used by others to drain your wallet, and learn how to spot them a mile away.

You will also learn how to get the best value for every dollar you spend, whatever you plan to buy.

By reading and doing the suggestions in this book, you'll quickly begin to increase the amount of extra money in your pocket (or pocketbook).

You'll save gobs of money without turning into a penny-pinching tightwad, making drastic changes in your lifestyle, or eating baloney and beans for the next year (unless you like baloney and beans).

After reading this book, you'll see why saving money is 100 times easier than trying to earn more money.

Did you know saving money is better than making more money? It's better because it's not taxed. Yes, "the money you save on your purchases is like getting a tax-free raise. This book shows you over 500 ways to "give yourself" a tax-free raise!

Earning more money without saving can be hazardous to your wealth. Think about it, if making more money alone was the answer you wouldn't see so many millionaire athletes, movie stars, and business people filing for bankruptcy on a daily basis would you?

After reading and applying the simple ideas in this book, you'll be amazed at how much money has been slipping through your fingers. Are you leaking money?

The information in this book will help to plug up the tiny holes in your financial pockets. Through these holes, you are quietly allowing others to legally steal your money. This book will be your financial "stop-leak" solution to this problem.

If you're unemployed, living from paycheck to paycheck or homeless, you'll discover you don't need lots of money to get the best bargains.

By taking the time to read the words in this book and following the suggestions, you'll be making the first of many wise investments.

Unlike other things you may buy in life, once you have this knowledge, no one can take it away from you, not even the I.R.S.

The valuable knowledge in this book will have an additional benefit of helping you to create your own unique money-stretching ideas.

You'll find others coming to you for advice, and to your surprise, you'll have the answers.

Reading this book will be like participating in your own personal treasure hunt. You'll find why saving money is more fun than sex;and less costly too!



About the Author
Roy Primm is a consumer advocate and humorist. His money saving ideas have been published in many national magazines, including Spare Time, Extra Income and JackPot to name a few. His passion is finding/creating ways to live better on less money. His current book reveals his latest findings.



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