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The Consumer's Guide To Car Buying by Allen Hawkins

The Consumer's Guide To Car Buying

by Allen Hawkins

97 pages
How to SAVE and MAKE money on your vehicle purchases!

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About the Book

Lot's of things have changed in the US over the course of two years. The automotive market is currently saturated with 0% this and 72 months that. How do you know what to choose or where to even start for that matter? Looking for the right automobile while saving money on your purchase has been one of the never ending questions we face in our Quest for the "Best Deal Possible"! Well there are no easy ways to get there! And, no matter what anyone tells you, there are no "Secrets" of the car business. But there are tips to making yourself an educated consumer, in return helping you get the best deal possible on a vehicle that you really want!

The Consumer's Guide To Car Buying, will show you the ins and outs of the automobile business as well as the car dealership itself. All the way from where the vehicles are purchased, to the inner workings of the dealer's management staff. Being a knowledgeable consumer is the way to get the best deal on your next car. This will save you not only money right away but money down the road as well! This book will teach you; How to negotiate the best deal, How to locate the vehicle of your dreams, Where to advertise your car if you decide not to trade, How to save THOUSANDS by locating wrecked or lemon vehicles and much more!

As a BONUS you will learn how to make extra money using very little, possibly zero of your own money out of pocket. We will teach you how to buy and sell used cars for a profit! So not only will you be saving thousands on your next vehicle purchase, you will also set yourself up to make thousands through buying and selling used cars on your own. Just can reap the benefits that for years have been restricted to car dealers only, by becoming your own part-time auto dealer! Along with your e-book purchase you will get full access to the author, Allen Hawkins, for any vehicle purchase related questions! So at just the click of a mouse you will have three generations in the automobile business at your fingertips! Good luck and happy shopping!!



About the Author
Allen Hawkins, is the third generation in his family to be in the automotive business. He has grown up in, as well as, been around the auto industry his entire life. Mr. Hawkins has worked in every area of car dealerships all of the way from auto detailing up to financing and sales management.



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