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Fighting Pollution and Climate Change: An EPA Veterans' Guide - How to Join in Saving Our Life on Planet Earth by Richard W. Emory, Jr.

Fighting Pollution and Climate Change: An EPA Veterans' Guide - How to Join in Saving Our Life on Planet Earth

by Richard W. Emory, Jr.

352 pages
This book by an EPA insider reviews the history, science, and law of pollution control. It displays the tools available now to control man-made climate change. It inspires concerned citizens, especially younger people who will inherit a dangerous planet, to join in saving our life on Earth.

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Category: Environment
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About the Book
"A former Environmental Protection Agency attorney delivers an impassioned plea to fight pollution and climate change. Timely and engaging; a heroic environmental story well told." - Kirkus Book Review, April 22, 2020 (50th Anniversary of Earth Day)

"Written both as a historic record and 'how to' guide aimed at inspiring change makers, this unvarnished and timely depiction from 1980 to today has something to offer readers of any age or ilk. Emory pulls back the curtain to expose the inner workings of the federal government and the EPA. He dives into the data-historic indicators, scientific and economic data, and policy choices-as well as humorously illustrating his forays abroad and his courtroom adventures. He tells the story of rampant pollution and how the US has fallen so far behind in its response to climate change and transition to clean energy. Emory has faith in forthcoming environmentalists, and his solutions-oriented presentation of the facts makes complex, cross-sector challenges feel within our grasp." - Fiona Gordon, published in Maine Environment newsletter of the Natural Resources Council of Maine (Augusta, Maine, spring & summer 2020)

"This hybrid that is a must-read memoir and climate change book is NOT another dry treatise or one-sided, unbalanced diatribe. Richard Emory has written a very thoroughly knowledgeable and realistic account of the truth about EPA and how to fight pollution. He weaves in wonderful personal climate change stories and anecdotes about successes and failures of environmental policies enacted in the U.S. and other countries and how national attitudes have affected climate change & EPA's mission. Young people will be inspired to learn how to protect our environment." - David Katz, retired Assistant United States Attorney

* * * * *

With the election of President Biden and a new Congress, America is rejoining the Western world that sees the need for the U.S. to revive its EPA, formulate a "Green New Deal," and restore U.S. global leadership within the Paris Climate Accord.

Fighting Pollution and Climate Change is a must-read memoir by Richard W. Emory, Jr., our nation's former top legal advisor to all EPA federal special agents. Emory witnessed how the U.S Department of Justice failed to effectively prosecute crimes of pollution. He became a whistleblower when interviewed by Congress that was investigating reports of mishandled pollution cases. In the second half of his career, working within EPA's foreign assistance mission, to the waiting world he helped spread effective measures for pollution control and for the implementation of global environmental treaties.

Fighting Pollution and Climate Change is a "page-turner" - you will laugh, you will cry, but you won't be bored. You will learn the truth about U.S. and international successes and failures in the fight against air, water, pesticides and toxic-waste pollution. You'll be encouraged by his insider perspective as he tells how to protect the climate using today's technologies and EPA's proven policies.

Who will benefit from this important environmental book?

Aspiring environmental activists - both young and old - who want to learn how to fight pollution and take action on climate change

Lovers of memoirs and nature, who will be touched by one individual's adventures in the exciting work of pollution control that can and must be expanded to climate protection

Global leaders and movements prepared to face the next chapter of unifying our world under a much stronger agenda to heal the Earth and protect our planet


Emory fought the good fight to protect the environment throughout his adventurous career, and his battle-tested insights are worth studying.
- Durwood J. Zaelke, President, Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development
A former Environmental Protection Agency attorney delivers an impassioned plea to fight pollution and climate change.***Timely and engaging; a heroic environmental story well told.
- Kirkus Reviews
Fascinating and detailed. This is an engaging page turner. ***It is highly readable, at times funny; a clarion cry.
- Rosamond (via Amazon)
An important and inspiring read! ***Mr. Emory has shared his fascinating story in particular to inspire young people to pick up the torch by choosing any one of many paths available to continue the fight to save our world. A highly recommended read for anyone with a conscience.
- RoneeB (via Amazon)
What you always wanted to know about the EPA. In this insider's view of the EPA, ***his early experience in politics as well as his impressive legal background position him to tell it like it is. What was especially interesting to me was the fact that he was a whistleblower. He faced the same scrutiny and eventual harassment that has been seen all to recently in American politics.
- Roger (via Amazon)
What are we leaving our grandchildren? I thoroughly enjoyed "Fighting Pollution" not only for the information regarding pollution and climate change and what ignoring both will do to future generations, but also for the readability. It is a page turner.
- Jonel (via Amazon)
Fighting corruption lessons for the next generation ***He weaves his own story of personal highs and lows of his long EPA career with an inspiring narrative about how our nation can tackle the most important environmental issues of our time. He calls on each of us to make a difference!
- Sarah T. (via Amazon)
The extinction of men and women on Earth is the dire prophesy of the author, a distinguished environmental attorney and scholar***. He presents a cogent and actionable plan for us to proceed now to avoid the currently inevitable end of our species. A very compelling read.
- Allison B. (via Amazon)
Highly recommend this book to all ages. ***Mr. Emory's passion for this topic as well as his concerns for our families, particularly the younger members is noteworthy. Will definitely encourage, family, friends and older grandchildren to read this book.
- L&M H (via Amazon)
A must read for everyone who cares about our climate. The book gives a clear explanation of the science of climate change in the context of a world of mixed priorities. ***this book gives a great perspective while challenging the reader to become involved.
- Karl Schoettle (via Amazon)



About the Author
Richard W. Emory, Jr. As a pollution fighter, Richard Emory served in the Headquarters of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He was the nationwide legal advisor for all EPA pollution-crime investigations, and completed his public-service career working internationally for EPA. He was educated at Yale University and Harvard Law School.



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