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The Messages:  Where Were You When the Phone Rang?  The Story of Peace on Earth by Stephen G. Reinhart

The Messages: Where Were You When the Phone Rang? The Story of Peace on Earth

by Stephen G. Reinhart

472 pages
A caller claiming to be God calls everyone on Earth at 9:00 AM for one week, demanding we cease all killings, or be replaced with a more peaceful race. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, and all are answered, challenging all the world’s religious beliefs. The millions of simultaneous calls cannot be traced or recorded. What would you ask?

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About the Book
A caller claiming to be God phones everyone on Earth every day precisely at 9:00 AM for one-week demanding world peace or we’ll be replaced by a more peaceful race.

The story unfolds through the experience of Cheryl Hanson, an atheist and the daughter of a senior US Senator.

As the calls continue everyone is encouraged to ask questions, all of which are answered, challenging all the world religions existing dogma.

We have one week to comply. If every country has not dissolved, outlawed or disbanded their militaries, the very existence of the human race is in peril. Chaos and confusion reign since the caller’s voice cannot be recorded or the calls traced.

Who is behind this? What would you ask? Seven mornings, one week’s warning.


What most fascinates in this book is the creative premise of God calling each of us and making us stop the killing of one another--or else! The voice of God was also pretty terrific. A grand debut for Steve Reinhart.
- Laurie Devine, Editor, Simply Devine Communications
This page turner plunges the reader deep into questions the soul longs to know. The plot thickens like a perfect storm that looms as it approaches with the unthinkable-world destruction. The Central Question: Can world peace be achieved in 7 days? Or will the surreal become the reality?
- Lori Ruede, Reiki Master, Former Educator
Are we bound for the implosion of the heart chakra? A collective planet-wide nervous breakdown? Fear muddles our minds, and its mongers everywhere, are shutting the doors of what could be. Steve Reinhart’s message is to STOP, listen to Love’s quiet voice and allow a world where fear cannot BE.
- SallySue Davis, Artist



About the Author
Stephen G. Reinhart Stephen G. Reinhart is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound and Energy Healer, Empath, Channeler, Akashic Records Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer/Executive Coach and singer-songwriter. He lives in NH with his artist wife Linda. He is currently channeling a sequel to his first novel.



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