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Dictionary of Chinese Palmistry Symbols by Sulabh Jain, PhD

Dictionary of Chinese Palmistry Symbols

by Sulabh Jain, PhD

148 pages
This is the first book of its kind that connects Chinese Palmistry with Feng Shui, using symbols that appear on the hands to make predictions about an individual's future as well as the energy in their environment.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Like the Indians, Chinese palmists used symbols to aid in their interpretation of a personís hand. These symbols originate from several different schools of Chinese palmistry, with only some of these symbols having been recorded on ancient manuscripts that have survived Chinaís turbulent past. This book attempts to catalogue the known symbols that have been used in Chinese palmistry through its antiquity. This book contains some Chinese symbols that were known to their Indian counterparts and are identical in shape and meaning. There are also some symbols which are uniquely Chinese that have evolved indigenously within China.

This book also uses the Trigrams to aid in the Feng Shui interpretation of an individualís home through palmistry. It teaches how to use Chinese Palmistry Symbols to make accurate Feng Shui predictions and remedies around a personís home and environment to better their lives.


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About the Author
Sulabh Jain, PhD Sulabh Jain was first taught palmistry as a child by his grandfather and has been practicing it for many years in Sydney where he lives with his family. He completed his PhD in Palmistry with a thesis that explored the role of childhood trauma in producing lines upon the hands. Sulabh is the host of the Youtube channel Chariot Palmistry where he teaches many of his methods, and where you can find tutorial videos for some of the symbols in this book.



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