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The Girl on the Bench by Larry B. Gildersleeve

The Girl on the Bench

by Larry B. Gildersleeve

298 pages
The inspiring story of a 19-year-old orphan who escapes human trafficking and finds her way to a small Southern town and into the lives of three of its citizens. Only two are happy with the girl’s arrival, and in less than a year, the young woman transforms the lives of all four in a way reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Lisa is a survivor.

She endured three years of her short life as a captive in human trafficking before escaping and hitchhiking to a small Southern town.

But will her past determine her future?

Sitting on a park bench, surrounded by the peaceful sights and sounds of Christmas, Lisa knows she isn’t safe from her captors now pursuing her.

A widowed physician and his dog take the other bench, a simple act that turns the next year into the most transformative of his life, and that of the woman he loves.

Doc asks that Lisa trust him. Will he help her, or be like all the men she’s ever known?

With Doc’s daughter determined to undermine Lisa at every turn, can she ever get beyond a past riddled with pain and find her rightful place in the world?

At the heart of The Girl on the Bench is the story of strong women not dependent upon or defined by men. When they discover the truth about each other, and themselves, will they make choices that will bring the happiness they crave?

If you like the books of Nicholas Sparks and Mitch Albom, you’ll enjoy this engaging, suspenseful story with characters so different from one another, yet each longing for a second chance in life.

The Girl on the Bench is the third novel in a series. With memorable characters, Southern settings, captivating dialogue and redemptive stories, you’ll want to get these page-turning books by Larry B. Gildersleeve.


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About the Author
Larry B. Gildersleeve Larry earned a BA degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University and a MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is a retired international corporate executive, father of two and grandfather of four. Larry and his wife Kathleen live in Bowling Green, Kentucky.



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