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by Ellen W. Martin

250 pages
Felipe Cardena is forced into exile, survives assassination, suffers loss in a plane crash, but succeeds returning to Cuba. At the rebel base camp in the Sierra Maestra, Felipe encounters a feisty peasant girl, Tangi Montolio. Tangi and her family suffer disappointment; heartache and live in daily fear from Cuba’s new hope – Felipe Cardena.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In Book II – SONS OF CUBA – HOMECOMING Felipe and his handful of rebels are forced into exile by the Batista government. With the help of Ileana Calleri, a Cuban National living in Mexico, a training camp is established in the shadows of the snowcapped volcano Popocatépetal near Mexico City.

The revolution is expensive and securing funds to finance the rebellion is slow and demanding. Felipe returns to the United States in hopes he can convince fellow Cuban patriots and others to support their cause. But, while seeking financial assistance, he barely survives an attempt on his life.

Nothing seems to impede Felipe and his band of compatriots from their quest. Even though a plane crash diminishes their numbers, the rebels succeed returning home and establish their base camp in the mountains of southeastern Cuba.

High in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, near Pico Turquino, Felipe encounters a feisty peasant girl, Tangi Montolio. This fiery red-headed activist is one of the rebel leader’s most passionate supporters. She will deliver the long awaited message to Cardena’s encampment affirming victory is on the horizon.

Lazario Montolio is a loyal courier for the Cuban revolutionaries. He is a widower and Tangi is his only child. He endeavors to keep his strong-willed daughter from direct contact with the rugged revolutionaries whenever he can.

However, the long awaited message affirming victory is imminent must reach the rebels high in their mountain campground. Lazario and Tangi are among the few that are trusted by the rebels. When Lazario is unable to personally make the delivery, he has no choice but to send his daughter.

After Tangi’s encounter with the rebels, a set of circumstances compel her to become estranged from her father, Lazario Montolio and her fiancé, Ramon Miguel Hernandez.

Homeless and with no money, Tangi is rescued by an old farmer, Fernando Reyes. He takes Tangi under his wing and gives her a job and a home. She becomes the child he never knew.

Ramon Miguel Hernandez, the fiancé, refuses to accept that Tangi’s disappearance was without just cause and searches until he finds her. When they are finally reunited in Havana, their short-lived happiness is besieged with uncertainty and despair.

While Tangi is managing the fruit and vegetable kiosk in Plaza de San Francisco, her three year old son, Andrés, disappears. The frantic family search everywhere. Moments later the boy returns in the arms of Rafaella Zamá, the Santería priestess. What could possibly be Rafaella's motives?

Distrust, deterioration of civility and harassment from Cuban soldiers force Tangi and her family to consider returning to their home in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. Before they can move forward with their plans, government troops intervene. From this day forward the family’s lives catapults into turmoil.

Imprisonment, death and the treacherous crossing of the Gulf of Mexico shapes their future.

The one bright spot on the horizon awaiting the refugees is Cristóbal and Teresa Marín - the parents of Felipe’s dead bride, Margarít. From exile this couple relishes the opportunity to seek revenge on Cuba’s new dictator, Felipe Cardena - the same man who was responsible for the death of the Marín children, Margarít and Alejandro - the destruction of the Marín family legacy - and the reason they were forced to leave Cuba.

Will Andrés, Tangi’s only son, become Cuba’s new hope?


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About the Author
Over the last 60 years Author Ellen Martin’s personal adventures, travels and risky escapades furnish her an endless supply of fodder for her fiction.

Outrage at social injustices, the thrill for suspense, and unraveling a good mystery are triggers that motivate Ellen to write memorable stories and colorful characters.



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