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The El Paso Red Flame Gas Station And Other Stories by J. Reeder Archuleta

The El Paso Red Flame Gas Station And Other Stories

by J. Reeder Archuleta

132 pages
Short stories about coming of age in rural Texas.

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Category: Fiction
About the Book
These short stories by J. Reeder Archuleta are about coming of age in rural far West Texas. The central character, Josh, is surrounded by colorful characters who, although far from perfect themselves, help forge his character as he grows from boy to a young man in their small town. They share one common bond. They have come to stay in this remote part of Texas where the weather is not the only force that is harsh and unpredictable.


"...Punchy, plainspoken dialogue...colorful and charismatic characters...The result is an atmospheric Texas....reminiscent of Larry McMurtry's "The Last Picture Show."
- Kirkus Reviews
"...A lovingly rendered portrait of Texas life...a timeless quality...The stories are conveyed in lean, elegant prose reminiscent of Annie Proulx and Cormac McCarthy."
- Blue Ink Review
"...Thoroughly engaging...Themes of dealings with loss, death, and love are captivating...Archuleta's collection offers poignant and hopeful stories of determination in the face of need."
- The Clarion Review


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About the Author
The author was raised in far West Texas and five generations of his family are in their final resting place here. His Great-Grandfather is buried in Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, within spitting distance of the grave of John Wesley Hardin.



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