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Rio Sonora by J. Reeder Archuleta

Rio Sonora

by J. Reeder Archuleta

114 pages
In Arizona Territory, a rancher's wife and daughter are kidnapped and taken to Mexico. Captain Wheeler, commander of the Arizona Rangers sends his best man and a rookie to work with the Mexican Rurales.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
In the early twentieth Century, Arizona Territory had its share of violent and lawless men. Murderers, kidnappers and cattle rustlers wreaked havoc as they roamed the territory. The Territorial Governor created a small group of tough men to deal with this criminal element. They were called the Arizona Rangers and their mission was to deal with the criminal element throughout the territory. These men came from many walks of life and among them were former Texas Rangers, Rough Riders and others looking for challenge and adventure.

A prominent rancher's wife and daughter are kidnapped and taken to Mexico by a group of cutthroats and rustlers. Captain Harry Wheeler, the Ranger commander, sends one of his best men to work with Colonel Kosterlitsky and the Mexican Rurales in Sonora in an attempt to locate the outlaws. Although the Rurales and Rangers have a different approach to enforcing the law, they must work together in their common mission of tracking down this gang of cutthroats.

On the cusp of the modern age with the automobile, telephone and airplanes becoming commonplace, the Arizona Ranger carried out their mission with old-fashioned methods. On horseback, with lever-action Winchesters and single-action Colts, they rode after the outlaws through the vast deserts and high mountains of Arizona Territory and Sonora, Mexico.


"Rio Sonora is a unique Western. It examines what it means to hold fast to one's principles and pledge your life to something greater. It's a fantastic adventure." "...Potentially the last of a great breed of heroes..."
- The Clarion Review
"...Utterly captivating turn-of-the-century Western... Rio Sonora is pure pleasure for any western fan."
- Blue Ink Review
"...A well-rendered historical novel...scenes linger on details, giving the story a firm sense of place with fine, clean prose..."
- Kirkus Reviews


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About the Author
The author was raised in far West Texas and five generations of his family are in their final resting place here. His Great Grandfather is buried in Concordia Cemetery in El Paso, within spitting distance of the grave of John Wesley Hardin.



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