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Hoodlum Lawyer: The Untold Story of the Chicago Outfit's Secret Leader by M.D. Jones

Hoodlum Lawyer: The Untold Story of the Chicago Outfit's Secret Leader

by M.D. Jones

312 pages
The story of the author's grandfather and his mysterious double life kept secret for 27 years. Two wives, two families, a hacienda in Cuba; his clients included Al Capone and his heirs Paul "the waiter" Ricca, Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana and many others. His contacts included the Pope, LBJ, and the "Commission," the heads of the mob families.

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About the Book
Hoodlum Lawyer is the term that the FBI used to refer to Joseph Imburgio Bulgar, the author's grandfather. Bulger led a mysterious, dangerous life. He lived a double life for 27 years, with one family in Chicago and another in Miami.

He was a self-made millionaire at the age of 32, however, his fortune was never accounted for. He owned a hacienda in Cuba and a fleet of airplanes. He died, we think, December 2, 1966, when one of his identical Aero Commander airplanes crashed in a sleet storm into the side of a mountain in Spring City, Tennessee. Some believe to this day that he somehow staged the crash and disappeared to South America before on of the many illusions and capers he was involved in blew up.

The author describes what it was like to grow up in this bittersweet environment; the impact on his family, and the shocking revelations he discovered in his research. Conspiracies, contacts with the Pope, LBJ, H.L. Hunt and the CIA were uncovered. The chapter about the author's bizarre trip to the crash site in Tennessee is re-told in vivid detail.

This book will shock the reader.



About the Author
M.D. Jones was born and raised in Melrose Park, Illinois. He attended college in Arizona and received a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Effectiveness in addition to numerous other graduate certifications. He worked for a major defense contractor for over 21 years, spending the last eight years writing this book.



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