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Marisa's Courage by Margherita Fray, As told to Bill Diekmann

Marisa's Courage

by Margherita Fray, As told to Bill Diekmann

184 pages
Margherita Fray has a story of courage, survival, and aptation to a new life in America. The story is example of conquering life's obstacles and challenges.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Margherita Fray was born July 8th, 1926 in Turin, former capital of Italy. As a young girl she endured fascism under the rule of Mussolini, a powerful dictator. Due to her fathers anti-fascism beliefs he lost an influential position. The family sacrificed to give Margherita a good education. During the war Margherita was a partisan and aided the Americans against the Germans. There were many times Margherita risked her life as a messenger.

When the war finally ended Margherita married an American soldier and arrived in America as a war bride, and strugled with adapting to the American culture and language. Margherita always says, arriving to America was World War III. Her arrival brought her to California where she lived 40 years.

Ever since Margherita was a child she excelled in art and design. Art was her passion but not her profession. Her art was exhibited, and belonged to many art organizations in California.

Margherita has written her biography to tell her story of courage, survival, and perseverence and our soon to be lost history of World War II.

Today she still enjoys painting and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.



About the Author
Margherita Fray, As told to Bill Diekmann An autobiography of a World War II underground fighter in Italy, afterwards arriving to America as a war bride. Her struggle in adapting to a new lifestyle away from her homeland and family.



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