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Chronicles of The Mighty and The Fallen: an m/m erotic-romantic fantasy by Richard McHenry

Chronicles of The Mighty and The Fallen: an m/m erotic-romantic fantasy

by Richard McHenry

478 pages
An m/m erotic-romantic fantasy: very sexual, bloody, romantic -- no witches, dragons, elves, shape-shifters -- with a Game of Thrones ambiance, (a minimum of swordplay), and a strong moral thread woven throughout. All the sexes mixed.

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Category: Fiction:Gay
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About the Book
Garneth is the king from hell, massively built, massively endowed, who grievously rapes his way through the countryside, leaving the bodies of young men and women behind. He then hears of a reclusive, near-matching equal, Jarden, and is determined to ensnare him as his own personal love-slave. But Marco, the young, straight-type stalwart, forcibly trained to seduce, drug, and take the man down... falls in love with his victim, instead. They become soul-mates. Together, they plot how to overthrow the king and bring him to justice.

There are also the backstories of a previous race of super-men, same gender lovers (Ashtarians), once revered, now disdained... sought out and exterminated by a jealous population; as well as a nation of Amazon-like women (Merionites), who use men only as breeders or slaves. Conflicts abound for both lovers and usurpers of the crown alike: for only "the most well-endowed man may rule." So say the Elders. But who gave them their power? And who dares use the secret herb called the man-root, endowing men with phenomenal strength and physiques -- a forbidden substance in the land -- a curse which must be destroyed, and those found to be on it? Compounded by the entanglements of all the sexes involved. Who will overcome whom? And truly, "what is love?"



About the Author
Richard McHenry Born in Baltimore, Rick has lived in Denver, Los Angeles, and currently Wichita, Ks. Under his real name, Richard Atwood, he has published three books of poetry, authored three screenplays and two large stage plays. He is retired from the health-care field. This is his first book of fiction.



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