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Crying Soul (Green Terror) by Amine Jelloul

Crying Soul (Green Terror)

by Amine Jelloul

192 pages
Injustice forced a man to run from his country to save his soul...Due to his ethnicity, he knew that his world would not be fair. He moved to a Province known for its justice. On his way, he met a few characters who enlightened him about his country. After a few years his life collided with a slick character the town new mayor and former mercenary.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
A few centuries ago in Niamunbad, a Province lost between two poles, Ihmael, a rustic young man from an imaginary ethnic Asmalin society, lost his family and a home to a fire purposely caused by corrupt and hateful mercenaries.

To save his sanity, and in search of dignity, he decided to run away to Munbad, a western Province known to be just and clement to all the people no matter their ethnicity.

In Ihmael's native land, the Asmalins lived a life beneath a decent threshold and without natural dignity; when added to injustice, people had no other choice but to accept a life of humiliation or else.

While on his way to the western Province, Ihmael met a few interesting characters that boosted his desire to pursue his dream and push forward at least to meet the "infamous" dignity, and settle down.

Once reaching the western province, he was promptly adopted by a Munbad’s cleric who offered him a job and helped him get adjusted to a new and more meaningful life.

After a few years of hard work and tranquility, and during a cultural convention, Ihmael recognized a self—made historian who belonged to the same mercenaries who created and nurtured all the agonies in his native land.

In order to protect his anonymity, Ihab, the former officer and Munbad’s new mayor orders Ihmael’s eviction.

In an early morning of spring, accompanied by his spouse and their two infants, Ihmael a man without voice and no connection had no choice but to leave one more time in search of a new place away from society awaiting perhaps better days.


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About the Author
Amine Jelloul He lived most his life as an alien, then as a stranger living in various regions of the small world.

Born in Algeria during the war and French educated, he confirmed that his best moments were spent in Texas where he migrated in the early 70’s to discover the world; he discovered himself.

During his western migration, he was able to mingle with ease and with all races, confessing that such privilege has helped him better himself and allowed him to grasp the real meaning of life. Strolling on the avenue of freedom he avowed meeting dignity one day, which increased his volition to speak about it and to confirm its real existence.



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