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by Jean-Pierre Blouin

78 pages
Walking in Victory through Order, Purpose and Meaning, is an eye-opening book which takes the reader into the metaphysical world. The purpose of the read is to help them understand their ability to positively change their physical reality by changing their metaphysical state. The five second fix is a proven method of altering one’s hindered perception to a desirable one.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
Walking in Victory through Order, Purpose and Meaning is a book for those who seek empowerment. We are a spirit in a physical body. Our spirit component manifests itself through our physical life. Many successful people have the key to this knowledge.

There is a veil over our eyes that keeps us from seeing beyond our immediate experience. How we see ourselves and those around us dictates who we are and how successful we will be in life. Eye opening information is revealed, of things only you know about yourself, that defines who you are. Negative triggers are exposed to you, and the five second fix will help you to overcome them permanently and immediately. You can never be your true self unless you have the knowledge and power to change them. This book will help you pinpoint those personal traits that stifle your true potential so you can overcome hopelessness and find the door to success. Applying this empowerment, your victory is sealed.



About the Author
Jean-Pierre Blouin is a researcher of metaphysics. Using science, mathematics, history, theology and philosophy, he believes he has the key to the tangible multiverse experience. He believes that we have the ability to break through the matrix of our material dimension and clearly perceive the spirit world in us, in others and around us. His unique perspective is a set of tools and knowledge that opens readers minds to the facts that we are influenced by entities from outside our physical realm. Believing we are both physical humans each with a spirit, he helps us understand that both realities are in different dimensions but exhibit themselves in our physical world. As our physical bodies are in contact with other physical people, so our spirit bodies are in contact with spirits in the spirit realm. Giving his readers experiential knowledge through practice, this new awareness empowers them towards needed aspects of their lives.



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