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2028: Only a few seconds before midnight on the Armageddon Clock..... by Thomas Mathias

2028: Only a few seconds before midnight on the Armageddon Clock.....

by Thomas Mathias

192 pages
This science fiction mystery looking to the year 2028 provides the reader with a frightening prophetic glimpse into the future that is both realistic and plausible. The Armageddon Clock is seconds away from midnight and planet Earth has a fifty-fifty chance of survival relying on an ex-convict with the incredible gift of psychokinesis.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
This book contains facts, theory, and science fiction.

Looking ahead to the year 2028, the view of world conditions is quite troublesome and provides nightmares for the re-election of the U.S. President, and that's before he learns of a world changing catastrophe, possibly a planet extinction event.

There are two really bad guys involved in a plot to diminish the dominant powers on Earth, on a worse case scenario, total nuclear annihilation. One is a Mid Eastern terrorist and the other, a Russian Mafia arms dealer. The only obstacle to their plan rests with an ex-convict with the incredible gift of psychokinesis, obtained and developed with the concerted efforts of two world renown scientists. Through drug enhancements and various laser procedures the scientists were able to trump the idea of fantasy with the reality of mind over matter, which will undoubtedly shake the skepticism of the reader.

It is well understood that through the decades and centuries of intellectual advancements, we've only learned to utilize approximately ten percent of our brain's potential. Who can question the possibilities when we discover how to harness fifty, sixty, and seventy percent of our potential.

This book could easily change your way of thinking on several issues.


Thomas Mathias has penned a mesmerizing, tantalizing, apotheosizing story with a full fledged glimpse into a world of psychokinetic powers, good versus evil, noble virtues, bad omens and old fashioned desire, seasoned with a presidential election, terroristic bad guys, and brilliant scientific minds.
- Mary Sue Whitelaw, writer and editor



About the Author
Thomas Mathias, following a successful business career filled with self determination and imagination, brings to fruition a life long passion and dream to write mystery and science fiction. His seasoned experience, imagination, and prophetic predictions for the future challenge the reader to decide that which is theory, fact, or fiction.



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