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SUNSHINE by Leonard A. Slutsky


by Leonard A. Slutsky

318 pages
This story took a lifetime to write. Two Bronx boys. One in business and the other a very special government agent. They are cousins and their lives keeps intersecting. This is the personal story of the author's life and lessons learned in his journey to old age. A journey almost cut short more than once.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
This is a story of a complicated, intelligent, compassionate person and his unusual family. The author claims it to be a novel based on his life, but it is much more. I found it easy to read but hard to categorize. It is a love story, no doubt. It’s also a historical piece about immigrants and patriotism? Then there is the dramatic pen of how his world came crashing down, with the interesting turn of events as the wheel of life turned and a phoenix arose from the ashes. There is the poet that teaches us a little about his humanity. Finally there is his cousin, the President’s spy. He keeps getting involved with his cousin. Throughout the book there is humor. I almost feel as though the author is apologizing for the frailties of being human. No, maybe it’s the reverse and he is celebrating his humanity. One thing for certain, this book leaves you thinking. It kept me awake for two nights wanting to know more about cousins Benny and Mallory. This is a story of two boys from the Bronx and the roads they traveled on.


There is only one way to describe this book and the remarkable life story. Wonderful Reading…. a must for everyone.
- Dr. Stanly Garfunkel, PhD., New York
What a fantastic story....This should be a movie!
- Renee Feldman, Georgia
I guess life is a wonderful adventure. Loved the book. Can't wait for the next one.
- Jackie Liput, New Jersey



About the Author
Leonard Alan Slutsky B. July 25, 1945
Prior Books: What were they thinking? 2012
(co-authored with Stanley J. Garfunkel, Ph.D)
Family: M. 1968 (Sharlene Farber)
Children….. 3 Grandchildren…. 8
Education: Univ. of Arizona 1963-1966
American College (CLU)
Business: Author, Insurance, Banking, Investments,
Market Research
Avocation: Theoretical Physics, Antique Collecting,



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