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Loving To Be WE: Receiving Mountains as Stepping Stones to Cross the Cultural Divide Between Jamaica and the USA/Babylon by Cheri Avery Black

Loving To Be WE: Receiving Mountains as Stepping Stones to Cross the Cultural Divide Between Jamaica and the USA/Babylon

by Cheri Avery Black

397 pages
This memoir glows with fiery passion as a Jamaican man, striving to lift his sons out of poverty, instantly bonds with a tourist, an older American businesswoman. They face alarming impediments, cross-cultural prejudices, and politics. With unshakable tenacity to their inner truth, they strive to flow with the uplifting island “One Love” vibration.

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About the Book
Fiery passion glows from between the covers of this couple’s memoir. With nearly unshakable adherence to their love and inner truths, they strive to flow in rhythm with the uplifting "One Love" Jamaican vibrations, as they face alarming impediments, cross-cultural confrontations, prejudices, and politics.

At the core is a love story radiating from a life-changing encounter of two souls. Despite being from different parts of the world, they instantly bond, as they are meant to be together. Then the troubles begin.

Mountainous obstacles keep sabotaging their union. Even the visa process is stopped dead by a U.S. government shutdown—not once but twice! Dire predictions from skeptical friends and daunting health challenges intervene. Is the universe warning them or just testing their resolve?

Alex, a young father in rural Jamaica, is struggling to raise two small sons out of poverty. Once, in the depths of despair, he has a vision that gives him hope. Dare he believe that a woman from a’foreign will rescue them?

Lainee is an accomplished professional in Philadelphia, enjoying her businesses, travels, and friends. Much earlier, after a confusing divorce, she is fascinated by the idea that she is to host a Jamaican bed and breakfast in retirement. She nurtures the idea for 15 years, even while she wonders if it is just a wistful dream. Why not yearn for a life with warm weather and soothing sea waters?

These dual dreams seem to drift randomly in the ether. Suddenly, they mysteriously attract and converge, bringing the two souls face-to-face. Is fate facilitating love or manipulating false hope? It is up to them to decide.

Against the odds, they risk their familiar lives, commit to each other, and remain faithful to their True Selves, as they are challenged by a frightening illness, alarming injuries, financial shocks, distrust, racism, betrayal, and even intimidating threats. These mountainous obstacles are reimagined as stepping stones, but not without sporadic soul-searching; they are human, after all.

Ultimately, their reward is an enriching, peaceful immersion in One Love, a Rastafari “overstanding” of living in harmony with Jah’s life force.

Inspired by the 1990s movie and book, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, an unlikely romance sparked by an island rendezvous, this author feels like Stella’s sister-in-spirit, as she reveals intriguing details of an inspirational journey that she, her husband, and sons have navigated for 25 years and are still going strong. It reads like a fantasy but is as radiantly real as life gets.


Like an experienced tour guide, the author takes us on a fast-moving, magical journey with her carefully drawn action-packed, fun-filled vacation, which leaves us yearning for more. A must-read for all the dreamers who long to live their best lives. This...shows us the way.
- —Gloria Kersey-Matusiak, PhD, RN, author, Delivering Culturally Competent Nursing Care; Professor Emerita, Holy Family University, PA.
Loving To Be WE is more than a love story, it crosses racial and class boundaries, which often limit us, and shows us what an enriching experience it can be. [This is] a primer on how to live in the moment, face challenges, and respect one another.
- —Kathryn “Kitsi” Watterson, award-winning writer, teacher, and author of I Hear My People Singing: Voices of African American Princeton, Not by the Sword, and Women in Prison: Inside the Concrete Womb, PA.
A celebration of the human spirit, of the desire to live to the fullest, and to love and grow together through sexuality and spirituality with a passion for justice and the strength of family...all set to a one-drop reggae rhythm. The adventure captivated me from the start. I was enthralled, enriched, and inspired by their journey. I know it will touch your heart as it did mine.
- — Michael Likier, PhD, ACT, Licensed Practicing Psychologist; Trainer with Whites Confronting Racism; Diversity Consultant, NJ.



About the Author
Cheri Avery Black Cheri Avery Black co-authored two Amazon Best Seller anthologies, Pathways to Vibrant Health and Well-Being, and The Art and Science of Success, edited Paths through Despair to Gratitude and Faith, and was FunTimes Magazine Editor, Philadelphia Deputy Director of Mental Health, and Director of two university-based multicultural training and research institutes.



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