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Living Life in the Spirit: Charismatic Renewal, Me, and the Church - a Memoir by Richard Hines

Living Life in the Spirit: Charismatic Renewal, Me, and the Church - a Memoir

by Richard Hines

218 pages
A spiritual journey into faith, experiencing Godís presence and action, and working to renew the Church.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
God has had a surprising impact on my life. I walked away from the Christian faith of my upbringing, dabbled in Hinduism, decided I should believe, then hung around voodoo for awhile. When God took a bolder step, I saw Jesus and was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Both in the United States and as I traveled around the world for the State Department over the next fifteen years, I was caught up in miracles and moved by God, the Holy Spiritís directions. He showed me how His church works and how it can do better for Him.

Then starting in 1988, He placed me in the mission agency whose purpose has been to bring renewal in the Holy Spirit throughout the global Anglican Communion. As an officer of the U.S. operating arm and, after 1998, as the administrative secretary of the bodyís international directorate, I led some short-term missions, oversaw others, and worked on international renewal conferences in three continents.

Throughout this, I experienced how the Charismatic Renewal Movement, with its intense focus on the person of the Holy Spirit, has impacted the U.S. Episcopal Church and many national churches of the Anglican Communion in the world: Here in the U.S., much of the Episcopal Church has now separated to form another denomination; the Anglican Communion itself is being restructured. But to what extent have Anglicans turned their attention away from the Holy Spirit?



About the Author
Richard Hines Born in New York and educated at Harvard, Richard Hines was active for five decades at the local and diocesan level in the U.S. Episcopal Church and widely throughout the Anglican Communion. He had a thirty-eight year career with the U.S. State Department and is a retired Foreign Service Officer.



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