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I Had A Dream: from brokenness to freedom by Pablo Kohn

I Had A Dream: from brokenness to freedom

by Pablo Kohn

256 pages
This book is about the failure to achieve dreams, and the healing journey to be able to dream and thrive again. This is a tale about love and betrayal, braves and murderers, kidnappers and heroes, but most of all, these are stories about the greatness of the human spirit and how we can all rise from our circumstances to a better self.

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About the Book
This book is for those who had a dream and lost it, or never had it, to begin with. For those who feel left out, forgotten or not enough… and for me. Like them, I was born and raised with big dreams and high expectations, until the age of thirty when they came all crashing down. It took me years to rediscover myself, to rebuild, to be able to soar again. During this process, I came across everyday hardworking people who didn’t dream about greatness, fortune, or fame. Still, they lived happy, fulfilling lives.

In a world where celebrities parade their opulent lives across our screens, many of us feel left out we are not successful in an extraordinary way. Meanwhile, we love and suffer, laugh and cry, fall and get up again to go back to work, to provide a better future for ourselves and our families. I started collecting these stories, and this book was born.

Thanksgiving 2010. A traffic accident in one of Los Angeles busiest freeways sends a young truck-driver to the hospital in a coma. In the hospital, Mr. Z, a centennial Middle Eastern man, in an attempt to pull off a miracle, starts telling the coma patient stories about brave people who ventured into the unknown. Tales about love and betrayal, braves and murderers, kidnappers and heroes, that spans across three continents and more than eighty years.

The centennial storyteller, the young Mexican truck driver and Meshone, a middle-aged African American nurse single mother of two, will forge an unlikely friendship that will heal each other of long-festering wounds, in a journey from brokenness to freedom.


One of the most inspirational books of the year.
- Jagdish Goswami, author of Freedom's Edge



About the Author
PABLO KOHN comes from a melting pot of races and culture, with grandparents who migrated from all around the world.

He has worked his way from the ground up; as a construction worker, serving tables, delivery driver, attorney services, and more, up to Administrative Manager of his company.

He holds a degree in Psychology. Has worked as a counselor and therapist. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.



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