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Pink Isn't the Only Cancer by Bob N. Roberts

Pink Isn't the Only Cancer

by Bob N. Roberts

220 pages
This book is about the discovery of Prostate Cancer 40 years after Testicular Cancer. First the young man's disease then the old man's disease. Along the way you will read about the emotions and fears, the things that doctor's don't tell you, the treatments & side effects, what could be done better, mostly how things were good and done well.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Many people have been touched by Cancer at least once in their lives. Family, friends, or personally. To have Cancer once is hard, to have it twice? While not uncommon it still is a hard experience.

Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at 27, the young man's disease is a life changing event.

Then being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at 67, the old man's disease, turns life upside down yet again but in a less traumatic way.

The second Cancer might be a Do Over but treatments are better, statistically proven beneficial, and the doctors know much more.

Inside the emotions, fears, and descriptive narrative draws the reader into the interactions with the medical profession and the actual treatments.

You will read about the things that doctor's don't tell you, maybe because they don't know but more likely because they feel it will change your mind about treatments.

There are some actions that could be done better, to help the patients quality of life or to protect dignity.

First and most importantly you read about the good way the interactions and treatments were done to help the patient understand and be comfortable.

You will find it easy to take on the role of patient or caregiver while enjoying the occasional humor.



About the Author
Bob Roberts is a two time Cancer survivor. He has careers in both business and education. He writes this book in the hopes of sharing his thoughts and experience with Cancer.



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