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Healing For The Broken-Hearted by Ron Bankson

Healing For The Broken-Hearted

by Ron Bankson

90 pages
Healing For The Broken-Hearted is a well-balanced book that presents an integration of theology and psychology. Though it contains some clinical terminologies, it is surprisingly easy to read for everyone. The intent is to help hurting people heal from a broken heart.

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Category: Health:Mental:Meditation
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About the Book
Healing For The Broken-Hearted is a unique approach to a nation-wide malady. Never in modern history have so many people struggled with mental disorders in one form or another.

Many books have been written on this subject (mostly clinical). However, there should be a book, that while it retains clinical, psychological integrity, remains practical to the average reader.

Also, it is challenging to find a book that is balanced (integrated) between theology and psychology. It has been the motive of this author to present such a book.

While God is the ultimate healer of all maladies, it is insulting to a wounded person to simply say,"Pray more, stay in church, and try harder to be a good Christian."

This book explores dilemmas that have no simple, rule of thumb answer. For example, how would one explain God bringing he/she through a traumatic experience only to have something far worse happen afterwards? These, and other scenarios, are presented in this book.


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    A major dilemma is to maintain professional integrity by staying within the perimeters of psychology, and at the same time, keeping the chapters of the book simple. This approach will be considered throughout the pages of this book.


About the Author
Ron Bankson Ron is uniquely qualified the author this book. He has been a church pastor for 50 years and worked as a mental health therapist for 10 years. He holds Master's degrees in both theology and psychology. Ron has been married to the former Wanda Joyce Watkins for 54 years.



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