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When the Call Comes: A Funeral Guide for Pastors by D. Alan Baker

When the Call Comes: A Funeral Guide for Pastors

by D. Alan Baker

232 pages
A call comes, informing the pastor of a death. Unexpected, or after an extended illness, there is no pastoral responsibility, or privilege, that compares with shepherding people as they say their final goodbyes and mourn their loss. "When the Call Comes" helps pastors serve those who mourn, from the initial call to the end of the funeral services.

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About the Book
Pastors often cite funerals as among the most daunting ministries they face, one for which they feel least prepared . . .

“What is the purpose of a funeral and why have one?”
“What is my role as a pastor, walking families through grief?"
“What should I say when I meet with the family for the first time?”
“What do I do in the case of a difficult death: suicide, violence, or infant death?”
"How do I conduct a funeral?”
“What do I do when ‘the call’ comes?”

“When the Call Comes” is designed to help ministers answer these and other questions as they walk with families in grief. It examines the “whats,” “hows,” and “whys” of funeral ministry, from the initial call to the conclusion of the graveside service.

Included are resources pastors can use to help them prepare effectively for each funeral and graveside service: Scripture references, committal statements, benedictions.


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About the Author
D. Alan Baker The author is the founder of Journey Pastoral Coaching, a coaching community focused on Millennial ministers. His ministry of almost forty years includes service as a local church pastor, missionary, college campus pastor and faculty member. He and his wife, Tricia, have two married daughters and three grandchildren.



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