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Throttle Up: How to Accelerate The Impact of 21st Century Leadership by John P. Dentico, Ed. D

Throttle Up: How to Accelerate The Impact of 21st Century Leadership

by John P. Dentico, Ed. D

244 pages
Throttle Up challenges traditional leadership development strategies based on traits, behaviors, charisma and positional authority with an approach based on action and practice geared towards the multifaceted real-world challenges of everyday life. Why? Because that is what leaders and their partners really do--they take action!

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About the Book
Throttle Up Brings Leadership Thought and Practice into the 21st Century

LEADERSHIP CAN BE anything one says it is—that is until a person or group has to do something complex with it. For the most part, leadership development remains an exercise of the abstract ostensibly possessed by the heroic or gifted few and disconnected from the multifaceted real-world challenges of everyday life. Throttle Up represents a departure from the traditional perspective in which leadership resides in the traits or behaviors of individuals in leadership roles. Instead, Throttle Up asserts that leadership in the 21st century is a practice to be learned-proving there is a difference between being a “leader” and “doing” leadership.
The 21st-century world in which we live is filled with ambiguity, turbulence, rapid complex change, information overload, and the yearning of people to find meaning from the work they do. Therefore, leaders must be able to initiate and create an environment where people come to do their best work every day by melding diverse talent and individual abilities into collaborative, interdependent unified action. Most important, those involved in a leadership dynamic must increase their ability to do leadership together because in the 21st-century--LEADERSHIP IS WHAT PEOPLE DO TOGETHER!

However, leaders of organizations are prone to repeat yesterday’s news because they are looking for leadership in the wrong place. Throttle Up explains how and why traditional leadership development initiatives are going nowhere fast.

To accelerate a transition to 21st-century leadership practices, Throttle Up offers seven “how-to” methods to accelerate the impact of leadership training in organizations. These action-oriented 21st-century leadership practices include:

• How to complete a strategic thinking session
• How to initiate and establish a leadership network
• How to create storybooks to accelerate culture shifts
• How to use the four frames to create compelling communications to support a culture shift (Wax-On, Wax-Off)
• What five questions to ask when selecting a 21st-century leadership impact program
• How to apply the LeadSimm® Leadership Impact Simulation Method
• How to create and implement a pull learning education and evaluation strategy designed to assess the training impact on the organization

To bring leadership into the 21st century, Throttle Up presents a model that assures accelerated learning can shift an organization’s effectiveness in ways not found elsewhere.


It becomes clear that the author is nothing short of an expert in this field, and the reader is left convinced that indeed leadership is something one does (and, as such, can be learned) rather than some abstract quality which only a privileged few inherently possess.
- US Review of Books



About the Author
John P. Dentico, Ed. D Dr. John P. Dentico is a leadership maverick whose research into the art and practice of leadership led him to develop the LeadSimm Leadership Impact Simulation Method. For Dr. Dentico, there is a difference between “being” a leader and “doing” leadership. He founded LeadSimm LLC.



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